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Dedicated to understanding the influence of intangible or energetic factors on our state of physical and mental health and wellbeing. Sara has been described as very practical and approachable, gentle, real and inspiring, someone who has a great respect and appreciation for functional medicine, counting many medical practitioners amongst her varied client base, and equally has no hesitation in discussing energy, or the unseen.
As medicine confirms the eroding effect of silent stressors on mental and physical health, it is essential we understand our own quality in order that we discern the energetic impact of these outer influences.
Sara has studied and practiced complementary health in Sydney, Tokyo, Kyoto, Ghana and London since the mid-1990s. She spent an initial 13 years immersed in the practice of Yoga, Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Acupuncture, Buddhist Philosophy & Meditation. But there was a deeper call, far more to see. 
After a number of years studying and observing the exemplary integrity in the training, she made an unreserved transformative shift in 2008 to the practice of the Ageless Wisdom of Sacred Esoteric Healing – an ancient model of healing and way of living from inside out, that supports our re-connection to the infinite resource within, our innermost 'esoteric' quality. She has since been offering practical support in everyday living, as clients experience the empowerment inherent in living from this innermost quality – now more relevant and essential than ever, if we are to address the multi-symptomatic maladies of our time.

Sara supports you on this path of return through Esoteric Healing modalities:

Sacred Esoteric Healing - Chakra-puncture - Massage - Connective Tissue Therapy - Energetic Facial Release - Gentle Breath Meditation - Esoteric Breast Massage (for women by women) - Esoteric Yoga

Working in complement with your Consultant / Medical Practitioner.
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